We were very pleased with our virtual conference and John did not disappoint! With the time allotted, he was spot-on with what he provided to our attendees. What I really liked was the attendees who engaged in the pre-conference program video series, participating in asking questions and getting more out of it. His stories tied in great with his message and impact. It was a job well done! Standing ovation!


CEO , Assisted Living Locators

As I started planning our annual conference I had a clear vision of what I wanted. I needed someone relatable! The minute I saw John Francis speaking, I knew it was a perfect fit! John took the time to get to know our company, culture, brand and it really showed! His presentation was RELATABLE…ENGAGING & INSPIRING! We had lots of great feedback and we loved that he took the time to join our pre-conference event the night before so he could meet and chat with our franchisees. That’s someone who really cares!

Franchise Development , Go Minis

I could see a shift in our franchisees after just 90 minutes with John Francis. He offered up clear, concise best practices for our franchisees during our annual conference, and he was able to relate to each and every one of them – no matter where they happen to be in their franchisee lifecycle.

Chief Operating Officer , Lunchbox Wax


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The “Franchisee Lifecycle” program, where John shares insights into the typical 4-phase evolution of a Franchisee in their business journey. From the baby/toddler, through teenager, adult, to master/rockstar phase, John shares the good and bad of what each phase looks like, sounds like, feels like, and examples of the choices to be made at each phase by the Franchisee. This real-life comparison and perspective gives Franchisees a better understanding of what to expect and how to respond to the realities at each phase, so they can move ahead with confidence, less drama and grow more successfully in many dimensions. ** NOW available as an online video series, with one on one consulting time included. **

Advisory Board Consulting

John has a proven three-phase process to carefully help business owners develop and launch an effective Advisory Board to provide more effective and efficient decision-making, improved accountability, and many other benefits. The full program is offered from concept and understanding, setting structures and expectations, recruiting new Board members, through facilitating the first Board meeting and providing notes and takeaways for complete value.


For many years, John has coached owners, executives and leaders in their businesses, using his informal and level-headed approach on a one-on-one basis. This program is available after initial qualifications are determined, and a range of coaching opportunities are available on a limited basis. Typically, these are scheduled routine calls on a weekly or semi-weekly basis with a retainer arrangement for fees, set up on a month-to month-basis.


John is a sought-after speaker for Franchise conferences, and has been for many years. He offers a 60 or 90-minute keynote presentation of the “Franchise Lifecycle” and can adapt the content to match a particular brand or situation. Also, John can offer workshops, breakouts and other speaking opportunities in addition to the keynote presentation, all focused and customized for the audience and their needs.